100% Chlorine-Free.

#1 Alternative to salt-to-chlorine generators and ion exchange softeners in Florida.

Our freshwater natural oxygen and ionic copper systems have root technology from NASA and have been installed in all 50 U.S. States and over 130 countries since 1994.

Breakthrough Technology.
Simple and Effective.

ECOsmarte®takes a proven technology one step further, completely eliminating the need for sanitation chemicals or for adding toxic staining silver to your water. ECOsmarte’s technology is superior to chemical treatment and more effective than any other alternative methods available. ECOsmarte®has become a market leader in agricultural and well water treatment using no salt or chemicals, as well as the leading developer for advanced pool purification products and rooftop cooling systems.We have developed carbon dioxide using aquarium industry principles to eliminate acid as a pH down.

#1 Salt Alternative in South Florida

For number of units installed in countries, states, and customer service.
Learn more about why Ecosmarte systems are preferred over salt and chlorine pools.

Residential Pools & Spas

ECOsmarte® has installed its chemical-free pool system in over 130 countries worldwide and in all 50 U.S states. We are committed to keeping your family and the environment safe.

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