About Us

Who are we?

ECOsmarte® is a manufacturing company headquartered in Minnesota committed to providing the best non-salt, non-chemical water technology for whole house, swimming pool and spa, and numerous applications for commercial water. ECOsmarte® Florida is the master distributor for the state of Florida with specific expertise in the operation of chemical-free swimming pools. We offer a non-salt softening and treatment system that gives you premium water that is safe and sustainable for people and the planet. ECOsmarte® is the world’s leading rainwater treatment developer.

Our Technology

Our natural oxygen and ionic copper systems have root technology from NASA and have been installed in all 50 U.S. States and over 130 Countries since 1994. By doing so, we have been able to protect families and the environment from harmful chemicals and salt. We are often referred to as an incline hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) generator.

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