We are very happy with the system!!!" - Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, 2016

We had the Ecosmarte Point of Entry Water Treatment System installed into our home on December 7, 2015. Our water comes from the Inver Grove Heights Municipal Water Treatment System. Prio to having the Ecosmarte system installed, our water was very hard – Inver Grove Heights water has a hardness factor of 20-22 grains per gallon. We were not using a water softener at the time of install and had not had one in our home for quite a few years because of so many problems with it and hated hauling salt all the time. Wondering what our water was like? Horrible!!!

I was constantly cleaning shower doors, faucets, emptying build up from the aerators, etc. Struggling to get rid of the hard water spots and chiseling calcium deposits off of everything! Skin was always dry and constantly loaded on lotions and oils. Freshly laundered clothes never seemed clean. If a glass was filled with water from the faucet, stuff would settle on the bottom, it had an odor and bad taste. We only drank filtered water from the refridgerator or bottled water. Our two miniature pinchers would never drink our tap water either. If I cleaned their dish out and filled it up with water from the faucet, they would smell it and look up at me and walk away.

But, since our Ecosmarte Point of Entry Water Treatment System was installed, our water changed! First thing we noticed was no more itchy skin. (I rarely use lotion anymore and it’s winter!) Next, all of the hard water spots and calcium deposits easily wiped away after spraying with vinegar and rinsing with water. They are no longer a problem. Clothes are cleaner. Water tastes great and has no odor. Most surprising is that our dogs will drink the water right from the tap!

We are very happy with the system!!!

Anne & Tom Peltier
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